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Maybe One Day We’ll See Naazim Richardson Doing THIS Exercise With Badr Hari

The more I see of Naazim Richardson, the more I think that Badr Hari has made the perfect choice for his boxing coach. While some may say someone like Freddie Roach or Emmanuel Steward are better candidates, Roach has been under fire recently for neglecting fighters who train under him. After Jorge Linares’ latest knockout loss, even Oscar De La Hoya was advising Linares to leave Freddie Roach. As for Emmanuel Steward, he is also the trainer of Wladimir Klitschko, so that would be a major conflict on interest. Also, Naazim Richardson has the calm wisdom and experience that someone like Badr Hari would desperately need.

Naazim Richardson, besides being a devout Muslim, is truly one of the last of the great, old-school trainers, who espouses boxing wisdom on a continual basis. He was born to be a boxing trainer and mentor to young fighters.

My only worry, is that physically, Naazim Richardson may not be doing so well. Watch him doing mitts with Shane Mosley below, and in comparison to the dynamic mitt work that Roger Mayweather does, there leaves much to be desired.

On a more amusing note, Naazim Richardson is known for his unique training method of flicking a towel at his fighter, while they’re working the heavybag or doing similar exercises. While I’m sure it does help the fighter with head movement, Roger Mayweather infamously made fun of his method on HBO’s 24/7. These moves are funny, because it looks like some sort of locker-room game guys play with each other, flicking towels at each other, lol. I bet it stings if you get hit! Maybe one day we’ll see Badr Hari doing this exercise.

Here is also a snippet of Brother Naazim’s wisdom.

Breaking News! Badr Hari Leaving for America Next Tuesday to Train With Naazim Richardson!

As has been asked many times, an official arrival date for the devil prince himself has been announced on several social networking site. Badr Hari will be leaving next Tuesday for America to begin training with boxing trainer Naazim Richardson.

This will officially start Badr Hari’s new career in boxing. For Badr Hari, he now begins a new career of uncertainties, and hopefully new highs to go with his already amazing achievements in kickboxing. At twenty-seven years old, Hari’s learning-curve in boxing remains to be seen. While no one doubts how devastating his kicks are, questions have been raised about his hands, his chin, and his stamina. What Badr Hari has going for him, though, is a wide-open heavyweight division that desperately needs new, exciting blood.

Naazim Richardson is considered one of the top coaches in boxing, both wise, prophetic, and crafty at the same time. He is the man who discovered the plaster in Antonio Margarito’s hand-wraps. He is a by-product of the tough Philadelphia mentality that has borne the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley. He has been called the Yoda of boxing, and may be able to provide Badr Hari the wisdom and guidance he needs to succeed. Naazim is also a devout Muslim, who says that boxing “saved” his life from crime and poverty.

The video below gives insight into the boxing genius of Brother Naazim:

Badr Hari Wants a Trainer like Naazim Richardson who ‘Will be there for him’ in 2012 for his Boxing Career

Badr Hari talks about what is important for him in a trainer as he makes the steep transition into being a professional boxer in 2012 with Naazim Richardson as his coach:

It is important that I have a trainer who is there for me, who can motivate me and bring me to my top level; a trainer who brings out the best in me. And that’s important to me too. I want to be number one. I don’t come for second place, not in fighting and not by a trainer.

He also talks about what Morocco means to him as a way to re-plenish his spirit:

Morocco is always good to me. I really come at ease when I am there. For me, it is the same as the Fortress of Solitude for Superman. When I am tired of everything, I go to Morocco to destress and unwind.

Badr Hari even talks about his personal views on religion and what being Muslim means to him:

I think religion is a personal thing… I think everybody should choose his own religion and keep it to himself. If it works for you, fine, but don’t bother anybody with it.

He goes on to say that he always delivers and never backs down from anyone.


Badr Hari Speaks About Why He Likes Naazim Richardson as a Coach

Badr Hari has set the boxing world abuzz with his anticipated arrival. In an interview with Fighthype.com he talks in detail about why he likes trainer Naazim Richardson:

I was sold almost immediately. This man really knows what he is talking about, and in so much tranquillity. I was surprised that I was so comfortable around him, so I wanted to know more of this boxing genius… I see more similarities between Naazim and Mike, so maybe that’s the reason why I feel so comfortable.

Remember, Naazim Richardson is the one who finally caught Antonio Margarito with the plaster in his handwraps, when no one else ever suspected of him having loaded wraps. Naazim is a crafty cat, and he has the tough Philly mentality that Badr Hari obviously gravitates towards. He will have Badr’s back if they do work out as a fighter/coach combo. The relationship a fighter has with his trainer is very intense and complicated. Chemistry seems to be the most important element of that relationship’s success. So time will tell if Badr and Naazim truly click.

Come back to BadrHariBoxer.com on a regular basis for 2012 updates as this story unfolds.


Naazim Richardson Says Badr Hari Could be His Manny Pacquaio

Naazim Richardson met recently with kickboxer Badr Hari about working together as fighter and coach. The meeting seemed to go extremely well with both having high words of praise for each other. In particular, the usually pragmatic Richardson gushed about the potential Hari presented to him:

Bouie Fisher used to always tell me in the gym, “Watch that door and eventually the right kid is going to walk through it.” I asked him what he meant by that and he said, “One day, a kid is going to walk through that door and do whatever you tell him to do and be able to adjust to anything that you want him to adjust to.” I remember when me and Freddie Roach was working together and Freddie told me when Manny Pacquiao walked through the door at Wild Card Gym, he said to himself, “That’s who I built this gym for.”… Badr Hari could be that type of kid.

Nazeem also went on to comment on the immediate connection the two made when first meeting.

Badr Hari is a good dude and so is his trainer Mike [Passenier]. You know, Badr Hari won me over, man. As soon as we met, he told me he wouldn’t let me down and that he would make me proud. But that’s not what won me over. What won me over is he said, “I don’t want to be top 10. I want to be the f***ing best.” He has the right mentality to do this s*** right here.

And instead of avoiding the Klitschkos, Badr Hari has zeroed in on them as Public Enemy Number One!

If [the Klitschkos] want to stick around, we either gotta let them see Badr fight and say, “Hey man, it’s time for us to move on,” or do what Mike [Tyson] did to Larry [Holmes] and show them it’s time for them to move on.

A Klitschko/Badr Hari fight would be huge, a hearkening back to the old days of the great heavyweight clashes of bygone eras. I hope it it happens!


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