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My Favorite Badr Hari Match: Badr Hari vs Errol Zimmerman, Wonderful Quality!

Of the many kickboxing matches that Badr Hari has had, a handful stick out in my mind as being truly memorable. They were all great for different reasons, but my overall favorite is his semi-final K1 World Grand Prix match with the surging Errol Zimmerman. At this time, Zimmerman struggled against top-level competition, yet he showed great heart and determination against a prime Badr Hari. Many of Hari’s matches involved him walking down and knocking out his opponent, but in this fight he goes toe-to-toe with a determined Errol, who also has considerable KO power of his own. Because of the drama and intensity of this fight, this still remains my favorite Badr Hari match. Since then, Errol Zimmerman has proven this competitive fight was no fluke, and has become one of the best kickboxers in the world.

I also had to post this video, because it’s such wonderful quality, the best I’ve ever seen of this match. Enjoy!

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