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Badr Hari To Return In May To Face Zabit Samedov

Badr Hari is returning sooner than anyone realized. This is the good news, the bad news is that he will be facing Zabit Samedov again.

His foot isn’t broken, and despite a dismal performance against Zabit Samedov, he will be facing him again. While, of course, I’m personally happy to see Badr Hari in the ring instead of in prison, his opponent is a boring and odd choice.

Comparing Badr’s struggle with Zabit, to his complete domination of of Zabit the first time they fought, shows Badr’s lack of preparation. I believe it was Badr’s lack of training that was a difference, not Zabit Samedov magically improving.

Jail takes a toll on fighters. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson were never the same after serving jail time. I believe it saps something out of a fighter’s spirit and takes a mysterious mental toll on a fighter. While Badr Hari only spent a brief time in jail, his next fight against Samedov will be a measuring stick for how well he does in the future.

Could Badr Hari Return To Ring As Soon As May?

Badr Hari’s foot is not broken, as reported by Liverkick.com in a recent article. In fact Badr may return as soon as May, as his foot is only sprained and not broken.

While his trial remains up in the air, there seems to be more and more reports that he may only receive light jail time, if any at all.

If Badr Hari does indeed return in May, let’s hope that he faces a lower-level opponent, so he doesn’t get almost knocked out like he did against Zabit Samedov.

Video Of Face-Off Between Badr Hari And Zabit Samedov

Badrrrrrr Hariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Well he’s back ladies and gentlemen. Despite all his fans being happy that The Golden Boy is back, I bet Zabit Samedov is thinking “Oh no, not this guy again.” Haha

Enjoy the video below. And for those of you looking for where you can view the fight, read through the comments section, and I’m sure you’ll find some answers!

Is Badr Hari Really Fighting Zabit Samedov This Friday, Where’s The Fanfare?

Badr Hari is supposedly fighting Zabit Samedov March 15th, this Friday, but no one seems excited about it. Having been out of action for so long, one would think that there would be plenty of fanfare for Badr’s return, yet you could hear a pin drop.

I attribute this to two things. First, people don’t really believe that Badr is truly returning with the legal mess that he is in. Second, people have lost faith in him and he has lost fans during his legal trials. I understand, it’s hard to keep loving somebody who keeps letting you down.

I won’t believe Badr is returning to the ring until I see it. And even if he does win, who knows if he’ll even be able to compete for the rest of the tournament.

K1 Announces Badr Hari To Compete In The 2013 World Grand Prix!

In wonderful, but shocking, news for Badr Hari fans, K1 has announced that Badr Hari will replace Ben Edwards in the K1 World Grand Prix. Despite still having not gone to trial yet, Badr Hari would be an injection of vitality and excitement in a stale tournament.

I wonder how Hari will look, if prison will have taken out of him what it took out of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Still, to be able to see a talent like Badr Hari in the ring again is joyous news for anyone who loves kickboxing!

The Glory Of Badr Hari

There’s a reason why Badr Hari set the kickboxing world on fire when he was at his best. The video below is a great compilation of his greatest knockouts. Tupac Shakur and Ice Cube provide a perfect soundtrack.

Tyrone Spong Comments On Badr Hari

Stephie Daniels: What do you think about the mess that Badr Hari has gotten himself into?

Tyrone Spong: I think it’s stupid. He’s not going to be on the Glory card, a K-1 card, or any card, if it goes the way things are looking right now. I’m no lawyer, and I don’t work in court, so I can’t say anything about that, but the fact is, he blew it, and that’s too bad, because he’s a great athlete. As a person, I don’t know. I don’t have any bad experiences with him, but he’s got himself into some big trouble, and that’s a fact. I don’t wish anything bad for him, but things don’t look so good now.


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