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Three Things Badr Hari Needs To Do After Defeating Alexey Ignashov

Badr Hari just beat Alexey Ignashov. This was a given, since Alexey Ignashov is only a shadow of the former heavyweight who once knocked out Semmy Schilt. But now that he’s back in the win column, he still has that pesky problem of a looming trial where he has been charged with assault and permanently disabling a man. Badr Hari needs to do these three things to get back on track to being the greatest heavyweight kickboxer.

One: Resolve His Legal Problems Once And For All
If Badr Hari is able to resolve this upcoming trial, he should make extra sure to stay out of anymore legal problems. Despite seeming to mature over the years, he has repeatedly disappointed his fans by derailing any career momentum he’s attained by getting in deep trouble with the law.

Two: Break Up With Estelle Gullit
This isn’t an indictment on Estelle Gullit, but the disastrous turns his career has taken since taking up with her. Once a gloried kickboxer who proudly represented his native country of Morocco, he now has become a tawdry tabloid staple. His in-ring performances have become dismal, and he has seemed to have lost all focus on training properly for a very demanding and dangerous career.

Three: Sign With GLORY
GLORY is pretty much the only relevant kickboxing organization around. K1 is in the middle of a massive restructuring, and GLORY has been pumping out card after card filled with exciting fights and top-level kickboxers. If Badr Hari is able to re-focus himself, he needs to join GLORY if he ever wants to re-establish himself as the greatest current heavyweight kickboxer. Even his haters, will admit that Badr Hari is a very naturally talented kickboxer.


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  1. dsadsa says:

    Admin, you know that badr hari was injured in his fight against semmy schilt IN FINAL WGP? He injured his hand in his fight against overeem and fought injured against schilt. HIS staff wanted to not fight in final against schilt, but Badr chose to continue and fight with semmy. There is an interview about it, and also you can see this in the video backstage of k-1 final wgp 2009, when badr had a bandage with splints on his arm. Schilt would never have won against a healthy badr hari.

  2. Michelllaa says:

    Hello, u forgot one of the most things – that BADR lost in his JAIL …and what he NEEDS to DO is : EAT MORE – He doesnt have to be a Model like Estelle or i dont know why he finished himself so much in jail – for nothing … BUT HE NEEDS HIS WEIGHT AGAIN! THIS STRONG BADR – he likes to eat – so i just want him happy again, to see him eat more again, and get stronger !!! BADR GET ur LAST OLD WEIGHT AGAIN! U will NEED IT !

  3. Michelllaa says:

    and then he could fight with Ali Derouiche ;))) heavy-weight – lets try – a good opposite of Badr´s own – without money stuffs – lets try Badr!!!

  4. Wezneck says:

    Without saying if its good or bad: Breakup with Estelle apparently already happened.

    http://www.nu.nl/achterklap/3627170/estelle-cruijff-en-badr-hari-elkaar.html (dutch, use a translator)

  5. dsadsa says:

    No any news about badr? He is supossed to fight londt in may. I think this is a fantastic news for all badr hari fans. Londt is a big name in europe, especially in Holland. If he win this fight, most likely he will go in glory. however, I hope he does not get arrested this month. He is the only hope for kickboxing. Right now, no one in kickboxing is on his full shape form level. More than sure he will beat everyone if he can stay out of trouble and traning hard. He got the talent, he got the power, he got the body. He got everthing to be the best again. I future, I only see Benjamin, The romenian fighter, a threat for badr. Go Badr ! We all know that you got the power !

  6. youssef says:

    This blog seems dead or the author lost his interest in Badr after all scandals.

    • admin says:

      Correct on the second part Youssef. It’s hard for me to make the effort to run a blog about someone who seems to have killed his own career and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

  7. wezneck says:

    you gave up too soon
    It was beautifull

    • admin says:

      what happened?

      • wezneck says:

        It was a great night yesterday. He was in great shape dominating against Leko and Graham. He delivered on his promise to give us KO´s. In half a minute already Leko went to the ground and in the same round Leko went 2 times more down. An hour later, Graham went KO in the first round. I know the opponents are older, but Graham and Leko are no jokes.

        • admin says:

          Graham and Leko are way over the hill. If Hari is able to do this to Daniel Ghita or Rico Verhoeven, then he is worth covering again. Until then, he’s an exhibition fighter.

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