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In Depth Recent Badr Hari Video Interview, Says Alexey Ignashov Is Not A Challenge

Despite Badr Hari’s poor performances of late, he obviously still thinks very highly himself in this recent interview from Russia. He’s promoting his fight with Alexey Ignashov in November, but doesn’t consider Alexey a threat at all. And despite recently losing to Zabit Samedov doesn’t want to rematch him, because he knows he could knock out Zabit Samedov any time he wants, because Samedov got lucky and knows he got lucky.

Overall, though, it’s a really good interview, and interesting to hear from Badr Hari himself after he has been surrounded by so many rumors and conjecture. Badr Hari also says that Alistair Overeem is always welcome at his gym. Badr also says that he’s no longer interested in boxing, and will stay with kickboxing.

4 Responses

  1. Justin Ayres says:

    I liked this interview I thought it was pretty funny. Honestly the way Badr has been training he very well be going do destroy Alexey here. If Badr can get his head together and win a few fights he could be back to the elite. Can’t say I buy that Legend is a bigger organization that it’s Showtime and even the old K-1. What he must really mean is some rich Russians are paying him a lot of money.

  2. dsadsa says:

    Of course he is not. Iggy is washed up for many years. Not even top 40. Samedov was at least top 15. A very prepared badr hari must destroy ignashov. from 2010 to now, in 2013, iggy has even worse regression than badr hari. Iggy is a joke,he lost against Zinedine Hameur-Lain, a guy who get ko’d by everyone. The decision was unfair. Even if badr come in a very bad shape, he will win without any problems.

  3. tchoco says:

    Ronaldo(!) supporting Badr!

  4. tchoco says:

    A great performance from Badr. Congratulations. Back on track.

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