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Did Badr Hari Announce His Retirement On Facebook?

Recently, there have been rumors going around the internet on fighting forums that Badr Hari announced his retirement in November after his fight with Alexey Ignashov. I took a look a the thread and the link to the facebook page and concluded that the page that Badr Hari announced his retirement was fake.

However, where there’s smoke there’s fire. And as the case with the initial onslaught of Estelle Gullit rumors, I wouldn’t be surprised if Badr Hari did indeed retire soon. He looks only like a shadow of his former self. The link to the thread on Sherdog is below.


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  1. MM says:

    He needs a woman who motivates him and makes him strong. Estelle is also a very broken woman .. this puts him also DOWN

  2. alin says:

    Estelle is a ugly old woman, with kids and divorced. I not know what badr found nice at she? ME, I would never marry Estelle, even if she has a lot of money.

  3. alin says:

    Badr Hari biography

    Some things I read that I found pretty intresting/funny

    -People from the underworld offered Antoni Hardonk 25k to break one of Hari’s limps in a kickboxing match
    -One day Hari saw Mike Tyson in a famous sex club Hari was a regular at and he wanted to knock Tyson out to increase his street cred thinking Tyson was drunk and out of shape. When he walked up to Tyson and saw how big he was and that he wasn’t drunk, he backed down.
    -After one of his first fights he wanted to make out with the wife of the opponent’s trainer (Confirmed by Harrinck, his own trainer at the time)

    LOL, Hari is a pretty funy guy. And lol at he backed down when saw haw big and not drunk was tyson :)) Man I was thinking that badr was a muay thay fighter and a street fighter. Even if he was a skinny very young bastard, he should not have problems with tyson. This happened in 2003, when badr dominated Prime Ignashov for almost first 3 rounds .

  4. diqnnn says:

    Badr Hari biography – source ?

  5. batman says:

    I have a question for the administrator: what’s the point of this site after hari no longer has any interest in boxing?

  6. batman says:

    should rather be called Badr hari kickboxer.

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