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Badr Hari Reportedly Airs Some Dirty Laundry In His Biography

Badr Hari is reportedly writing his biography. Or has written his biography, I’m not sure. Either way, he is said to be writing his book about his colorful life, and it’s sure to be fascinating. As Badr has mentioned in interviews, even though he’s not even thirty yet he’s lived many lifetimes. Thanks to a reader for giving some short synopsis from the biography. I’m not sure if these are verified, but they’re entertaining just the same.

-People from the underworld offered Antoni Hardonk 25k to break one of Hari’s limps in a kickboxing match

-One day Hari saw Mike Tyson in a famous sex club Hari was a regular at and he wanted to knock Tyson out to increase his street cred thinking Tyson was drunk and out of shape. When he walked up to Tyson and saw how big he was and that he wasn’t drunk, he backed down.

-After one of his first fights he wanted to make out with the wife of the opponent’s trainer (Confirmed by Harrinck, his own trainer at the time)

3 Responses

  1. Lizzie says:

    I think these stories are from an unauthorized biography that just came out, not his autobiography that is expected to be released in the future. The 3 stories listed above look like they were lifted straight out of the Sherdog forums.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Also, I remember reading somewhere that this unauthorized biography would have stories that could further incriminate Badr, and that was why it was being released around the time of his trial.

  3. Justin Ayres says:

    Just heard a little more bad news regarding Badr’s family, his brother Yassine was arrested in court under the suspicion of perjury. I can only hope the best Badr and his family and good luck against the Red Scorpion.


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