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Badr Hari Set To Fight Alexey Ignashov November 9th

Badr Hari is set to make his ring return November 9th. Although I’m glad to hear he’s fighting again, it’s sort of surprising considering how much drama he has going on in his life. His case for assault is still pending. He undoubtedly has a tumultuous relationship with Estelle Gullit, and even reportedly got into an altercation with Dutch DJ Afrojack.

His opponent, Alexey Ignashov, is also intriguing. Ignashov may be considered one of the most talented underachievers in kickboxing history. Him and Badr Hari have a long history together. Ignashov soundly beat Hari when Hari was just getting into kickboxing and Ignashov was considered one of the best. In the rematch Hari dominated the babyfaced Belarussian, but was unable to knock him out.

Since then Badr Hari has gone on to achieve kickboxing greatness, and Alexey Ignashov has succumbed to his alcohol addiction, and been unable to put together great performances despite his natural talent.

But they both also have achieved one of the rarest achievements in kickboxing: knocking out Semmy Schilt, perhaps the greatest heavyweight kickboxer of all time.

Both fighters have greatly been struggling. Realistically, this fight should be a soft touch for Badr Hari, which is probably why it was booked. Even after losing to Zabit Samedov, Hari should be able to outwork Ignashov. If Hari does lose, his future as a top-level kickboxer doesn’t look too bright for him.

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  1. alin says:

    This is his last fight. He will retire in November.

  2. alin says:

    I think same and I hope not be true. But, unfortunately, still badr not seem to be the same as in 2008-2009 – 2010. After being in prison in 2010 and spent one year without fighting, he did not look the same fighter.

    P.S: You noticed how bad he looked in the fight against tony gregory? He looked slow, without coordination, without timing. He looked sloppy.

    In Sakis fight he seemed to have his timing back, but he looked SLOW. I do not know what to say, but I was not convinced that he is back even in sakis fight. It was more how bad fought saki. Maybe saki was paid to throw the fight. Maybe saki was outshape.

  3. drunk says:

    What do you think, is Badr Hari the most spectacular fighter of all time (boxing,Kickboxing, mma)? I mean, look at his fights, it’s incredible how much tension is in his fights. Only against Anderson silva was not so spectacular. But as talent? I think also is/was the most talented fighter in all combat sports. People say that wladimir klitschko is incredibly athletic for his size, but badr hari has same height and size as klitschko, but is 10x faster, explosive, mobile, agile, flexible and with even more KO POWER.

    I have question, both badr hari and wladimir has 198 cm height.Hari has 111 KG, wladimir has 110 kg. How is that possible? I mean, look at badr haris body and at wladimirs body. Wladimir seems to be with at last 10 kg bigger than badr. WTF? !

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