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Did Badr Hari Throw His Fight Against Zabit Samedov?

Badr Hari crushed the hopes and dreams of many fans hoping he would make a spectacular comeback with his loss against Zabit Samedov. Not only did Badr Hari lose, he lost in a way that he’s never lost before, looking like he gave up. This is more disappointing than the loss itself. Badr Hari has lost before, but the reason the fans love him is his never say die attitude. He has always fought until the end, even if it means getting knocked out.

But in this fight, he appears that he had given up at the end, falling before a smaller foe that he had easily beaten before. This caused many fans to wonder if he had thrown the fight. While anything is possible, I personally don’t think so. What would Badr Hari gain by such an embarrassing defeat? What money would be worth destroying the legacy that he has worked so hard for so many years to build.

Instead, I believe, that sometimes a fighter doesn’t know what is left in them until they step in the ring. In this case, Zabit Samedov was hungry for victory, while Badr Hari simply was going through the motions. He was not fighting to win, he was fighting because he doesn’t know anything else.

So I don’t believe that Badr Hari threw the fight, but I do believe that his future in fighting is in great doubt. If he no longer has the heart to fight, he will be only a shadow of the Golden Boy that captured hearts all around the world, and made Morocco so proud.

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  1. Big Joe says:

    In my opinion he gave up because of the disappointment in himself. Clearly Badr isn’t in his right mind right now. It was like he was lead by the thought to lose against Samedov. Some guy he would’ve eaten up a few years ago for breakfast. When he got knocked down it wasn’t a major blast to the chin, but it was enough to get him on the floor. I could see the helplessness in his eyes. Like he couldn’t deal with the situation. He gives his best and that guy keeps getting back at him. He just wouldn’t give up. He was NOT affraid of the bad boy, the golden boy. They normally have chickenlegs only at the staredown, but this Samedov really went toe to toe with the great Badr Hari. Like a modern Rocky Balboa in his fight with Apollo Creed.

    I really do not believe Badr threw this fight. If anyone wanted to proof himself it is him. He wanted to fight the big guys again he said in a interview with Dutch television before the fight. He litterly said: ‘i want the boys who are playing on the square to run away when they see me walking in their direction’. That doesn’t sound like a guy who would throw a fight for money. Badr is doing good. He has a lot of investments and is not in need of Russian mobster-money.

    In my opinion Zabit Samedov was the problem. That boy is bad news gor a guy who wants to make a comeback. For Badr it was just a fight to get ip on the ladder to fight Ghita, Saki, Schilt and Aerts again. But for Samedov it was a chance of a lifetime that he has another shot to fight the great Badr Hari. A chance he wouldn’t let down and would give EVERYTHING to beat him. Because yesterday really was the best day of his life…. EVER

  2. Moaudi says:

    I think the main reason for this decadence of badr hari is the big trial keeping him locked in his mind, and of course the months of detention he suffered. As long as he does not take enough time to recover from that mentally, and as long as the trial does not set him free, he can not be the old badr hari again, like 2 yeas ago.

    He may sound like he is over it, and is thinking forward, but such a load on your feet is not that easy to ignore, as he is seeing right now.

    • admin says:

      yes, he needs to take a break, six months or so, but not longer if he still wants to be relevant in the kickboxing world. he’s been through a lot.

  3. Justin Ayres says:

    I think Badr is not the same after all the crap that happened lately and he would be well advised to sort it all out before fighting again. Also Zabit Samedov is tough and a bit under rated, Badr under estimated him which was ill advised considering Samedov has been waiting to crush Hari for four years now.

    • admin says:

      u’re right about Samedov, haha. he’s been waiting for this since he first lost to Hari. his mission in life is now complete. he’s a tough little f*cker for sure.

  4. MM says:

    This is all what i wrote looong be4 – and i knew all be4 – and people was writing shit to me! And telling me shit ugly words. – just cause i saw the truth – and i wrote the truth – even if it hurts! Now u got it! I was long with an big heavy-weight boxer – who is looking like Badr and fighting like Badr, – talking and voice like Badr, – behaviour like Badr ! All the SAME! LIKE HIS BROTHER! No one else, could knew it betta – if u was thru´all with this with an tall/strong tunisian heavy weight boxer already! Badr must decide: family or coming back ( maybe coming back to heavy-weight boxing – bETTA — for HIM ! Cause K1 fighters – new fighters – get tooo fast!!! ITS HIS LAST CHANCE – TIME IS RUNNING! AGE !! GET TO BOX or … take ur time… // I knew a realtionship can only make such things bad! If ur in tournament and big fight – of hundred thousands of FANS — and even if u LOVE a blonde WOMAN — she must HAVE experience with him – with BOXING ! SHE SHOULD GIVE HIM SUPPORT – nOT only by MODELING PICTURES MAKING – OR SHOWING HIM THE LUXURY LIFE – AND BEAUTY and WELLNESS : She could give him 3 weeks FREE – be4 fight! To leave him alone with himself!!! TO support him like that! ITS HIS GRANDE CHANCE ONE TIME IN HIS LIFE — AND NOT MORE LONGER TIME FOR THIS !!! A GREAT WOMAN MUST ALSO LEAVE A GOOD FIGHTER – COMING BACK TO HIS ROOTS !! OTHERWISE LATER : HE WILL SUFFER ITTT FOOORRR SOOO LONGGG and this doesnt go away!!! Like at my exhusband — he could go to ATLANTA to BOX at OLYMPIA – that TIME ! And he didnt – cause of another blonde woman – who made him a child! He decided for this child! AND HIS CAREER – IS GONE !!! TILL NOW just suffering: and everyday talking: HE COULD MAKE IT .. BUT : SHIT THIS WOMAN MADE ME SHIT ! …

    • tchoco says:

      Relax. Badr has his own life and doesn’t have to do what you want. You also pass judgement on the girlfriend of Badr and stating things she does or does not do without really knowing if it’s like that. Why is it so important to mention that she is blond? Would you mention it if she were black?
      How do you know what is most important in life for someone? Life is difficult enough already and everyone is doing the things what they think will make them the most happy. Always life will itch on one side. You want a good career, you want a nice place to live in, friends, a great partner. It is very difficult to balance all these things. You might choose for love and do less justice to your career. You might choose for a great career, but have to sacrifice living in the place you want or living close to relatives. Life is hard and it’s rather nasty to decide for others they are doing the wrong things.
      You are taking it way too personal because you were with someone who looked like Badr. But Badr has his own life. Stop being so judgemental.

  5. MM says:

    ANd i was in Zagreg: this injury on his feet – was not the big problem – for the Semifinal fight to ZAmedov! I know why he stopped that time in ZAGREB – be4 ! Not cause of his leg! And i wondered why he didnt rest some months after JAIL – and GOT & TOOK so FAST FIGHT after SHORT TIME! DAMN – WHO IS NOT THINKING – his management? Or who ??? This all is soooo logical — sooo simple to handle — and ALL WENT WRROOONGGGGG !!! HOWWW AND WHY????

  6. Justin Ayres says:

    Honestly I think this loss is not a big surprise. Coming into this I half expected badr to get ko’d. Based on the sloppy performances in his two previous fights, the shit that’s been going on out of the ring and the thing we’ve all known for years Badr has a glass jaw. It shouldn’t be a shock that he lost considering his heart and focus weren’t there. The administrator was right Badr should have fought a small fry not the iron chinned Samedov.

  7. interestinggg says:

    https://twitter.com/OfficialHari – Badr Hari Twitter –
    ” Bye moskou.. pic.twitter.com/BAonaKhrSO “

  8. youssef says:

    What does Badr Hari do after his defeat? He goes to parties.
    Here is a video interview with him in the Talkies party:
    About the fight Estelle says it was not a knock-out but a knock-down. Badr makes a joke: he fell on his knees to ask to marry, but he forgot his ring. He says he continues to train but his main focus is now to go on vacation with Estelle and the kids. He says he is also worried about the trial but he can only wait. He did not have contact with the victim as he is not allowed by the judge.

    I’m a bit puzzled. The lost fight does not seem a wake up call for him. No signs of revenge and showing the world he is the one to fear. Only joking and parties. at about his boxing career in the USA? Is he not running out of time with his age? How many years ago was Badr showing his superiority in the ring?

  9. moaudi says:

    These vids make it obvious that badr did throw his fight against samedov, because of big money..

  10. MM says:

    Is this a childish kindergarden game – Kindergartenspiel? Oder was? Is Badr the FIRST TIME really in LOVE? Didnt he know what love is before?
    Why did he have other girlfriends be4 then? He looks like a small child .. lool Badr is in LOOOVE Badr is in LOOOVE . and AFTER? How long will this last? Seeing only kissing small BADR BABY like that? Emberassing really – he lost himself .. it takes much to come up high again… BUT LATER HE WILL FEEL IT – cause from KISSING and HUGHING and TRUE loving – No ONE COMES FAR ….

  11. youssef says:

    Dutch newspapers rumour that Badr Hari might marry Estelle, now that her divorce from Ruud Gullit is officially finalized:

  12. MM says:

    I am also married with an crazy moroccan – DOES SOMEBODY CARE????? I was married with an international HEAVY WEIGHT BOXER – looking like BADR – tall – sweet, strong – etc – DOES SOMEBODY CARE ???? We are also not interested – into Badrs Relationship bitte…its real CHILDISH… he is just a man like everyone else – nothing special – cause the special ONES – we HAD them ALL ;) And let Badr be a family man – and he should forget boxing and muay thai – cause it seems he is not a real fighter anymore – its all gone… ADIOS AMIGO

    • tchoco says:

      Excactly, Badr is a human like everyone else. Don’t selfishly want Badr to be how YOU want him to be. He might possibly have another look on life than you have for him. He already reached more in life than most people and we can discuss here all that we want for Badr and decide what is good or bad for him, but it’s all worthless talk. In the end he himself is free to choose. He owes you nothing. He is his own person and needs to decide what he wants to do even if it doesn’t include kickboxing or boxing. Already he indicated he was very satisfied what he reached in Kickboxing till now. That satisfaction was one of the reasons actually he said why he was moving to another sport. It is great to see more Badr matches, but don’t selfishly demand him to be how you want.
      I’m a big David Haye fan also, and when he decided to stop even though he hasn’t reached all he wanted to reach professionally: The Klitschko’s, I was sad to not see more fights, but I respected his choices. It’s only a present for me Haye decided to fight Chisora and now returned a while for retirement, but thats what the fights are: extra presents for me, not fullfillments of my demanding him to fight. Tyson also threw away his boxing career, but I’m happy for the life he has now and for the better person he became. It’s not everyone’s whish always to do what fans demand.
      Be gratefull to Badr for the entertainment he has given the world already and please don’t be so sour and bitter.
      You say Badr is like a small child, but you on your own part have some growing up to do.

      Adios amigo? No se que tipo amigo que sos exigiendo tanto de alguien. No quiero enojarte o algo asi, pero me irrita como queres decidir todo de otra persona.
      Saludos, Terry Chocolaad

      • MM says:

        Let the desert Lion : Khaled Ismail win then ;) He is even DAMN RELIGIOUS and he doesnt even look at a woman – when she makes with him interview! This is a real good muslim & fighter !! Grown up and mature!
        A proud man and he also knows why ! ;)

        • tchoco says:

          Yes, if you require the fighters you are fan of to be excactly how you want them to be, it’s best you move on to follow your other fighter who is a good Muslim. Or if Religious dedication is your main thing you admire in people, you are better off going to admire and follow religious scholars, there is more chance there to find “damn religious” people. Why, out of all groups of people, follow people who fight for money and then be pissed off that your required level of religiousness is missing there? It’s rather silly behaviour.
          Prizefighting isn’t immediatly excactly the activity in which you would expect a high percentage of people with religious dedication.
          Also I get the feeling you think that just because Badr Hari is Morrocan, that that fact somehow gives you some say in Badr’s life.
          I’ve been following this website and your comments on it for a while now and what I read from you is that you are rather obsessed with Badr Hari because of frustration in your own personal life with a man who also was a fighter. Thats what I read at least. Hari is not your ex. It’s best to be at peace with your past and not to project your past experiences with your relationship on Badr Hari.

          And what is your dislike against blonde women?

          I don’t know you too well but from what I’ve read all this time here you seem intolerant… I could be wrong, but that’s how you come across.

      • admin says:

        From a logical standpoint you are right, and thank you for your eloquent and well written comments. But Badr Hari fans seem to love him as they love a family member, and many people aren’t logical when it comes to love.

        • tchoco says:

          Hi Admin, there is truth in what you say, I understand the anger towards Badr’s last fights and behaviour.
          I als love Badr. He is a charismatic guy and I love his fights and I would like to see a great effort again on his part to become the best. But I do see his faults also as part of the package and respect the total package as a kind of artwork. I think I became a fan of Badr in a way like if he is a character from a story I guess, not only of his fighting. I have that with a few people I admire who are very charismatic. With Tevez, Maradonna and Tyson for example. When you look at Tyson, it is for some reason just more interesting to see the total life of the man. All the sad things and behaviour, the aggression, the wrong partners, the ear biting, the jail time, the destruction of his career are horrible things, but it all gives the man more depth and history For me is just the bad but interesting part of a great story/movie ending not in a great comeback in Tyson’s case but even better: ending in redemption and maturity. You can have a great fantastic boxer with a seemingly flawless personality and record like Klitchko, but still Tyson excactly because of his faults holds a bigger place in my heart.
          For the excact same reason I like a Maradona more than a Messi. The past imperfectnesses add color and story. Messi is a great player, better than Maradona perhaps, but Maradona has so much more the charisma and depth. I would love to meet and smoke a cigar with Maradona. I would also like to meet Messi, but I realy wouldn’t cancel an appointment for him I think.

          In short I am a fan of Badr. I disaprove of the trouble he caused that made him go to jail and other wrong choices, and I am critical of his efforts for the last fights but I respect the total package and the downs are part of it like the ups.
          I am still hoping to see sooner or later a serious effort to win great fights again. It’s so much more interesting in any story to have a man go through bad times and overcome them and return to the top instead of always being at the top.

          Carlos Tevez, a great Argentina football player playing at Manchester City made mistakes that led him to become the most hated player of ManCity. He was promised to never be able to play again for City. In the end, he changed attitudes and apologized for everything and made a spectacular comeback and was crucial in winning the Premier League for ManCity and became a hero again. I found an inspirational fan made video about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rHqzen8w84

          I’m hoping for a similar thing with Badr, but won’t get angry at him if it doesn’t happen. But in any case I think we should stick a little longer with our hero’s in lesser times.

  13. MM says:

    ADIOS Small Badr BABY ;) hhhtt hhaaaa ;)

    • admin says:

      oh geez, this is getting ridiculous

      • Notahater says:

        This site went from a badr fanpage to a badr bashpage. Don’t think we should react like this because he lost. Yeah Badr isn’t the badr we knew. For us it’s a bad thing. Because no more great fights. But maybe for him it’s a good thing. Because no more jailtime for him. The Badr WE want to see is the mean, bad, blooddrinking Badr. The agressive one. So much agression is not an act. So how he is inside the ring is the same as outside. Which brought him so much trouble.

        So in my opinion (humble one): let him be happy. Badr always was a party animal. He even walked dancing to the ring in his young days. So nothing really changed. He just doesn’t want to go to jail again. Prove him (and me) wrong.

  14. MM says:

    typical morocco .. bitchy life ..

  15. Youssef says:

    No boxing news from Badr, but it seems he has ambitions for a singing career. Joelle Gullit (Estelle’s daughter) posted a video of them singing together in a car:

  16. Youssef says:

    Badr Hari is preparing an autobiography with ghostwriter Maarten Bax, who also wrote the biography for the footballers Ronald en Frank de Boer. The book will contain confessions from Badr which were never published before and will go on sale in november:

    It will read like thriller, promises Badr.

  17. Chiquinquira says:

    10, 11 and 14 october Badr’ll be in court on the hearing of the incident in Amsterdam ArenA

  18. Youssef says:

    Badr is enjoying holiday in Ibiza, where he stays with Estelle in the villa of Ruud Gullit. His favorite sport is now beach soccer:

    His joy won’t last long. On 10th, 11th and 14th of october, he has to appear again for the judge:

  19. Youssef says:

    Strange news. Ruud Gullit forgot to pay his taxes and now the tax institute confiscated his houses. So Estelle with her two kids are homeless now. Will they move in with Badr?!

  20. Youssef says:

    Badr Hari gives an interview to the Dutch press. He is angry against the bad rumours about his relationship with Estelle:
    … that he is having affairs with other girls
    … that Estelle destroys his boxing career

    He accuses his ex-girlfriends of trying to break up their relationship:

  21. MM says:

    People in morocco say that Estelle is 42 years old – why she makes herself younger? Why the news wrote she is 34 years old – if she is older???

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