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Singh “Heart” Jaideep Replaces Badr Hari In The K1 Final

With Badr Hari facing serious jail-time, K1 has tapped kickboxing veteran Sing Jaideep as his replacement.

I can’t help but think how disappointing this whole change of events is. Jaideep doesn’t even have a tenth of the star power that Badr possesses.

Yet it might be those very qualities that have made Badr a star, that are also the qualities that cause his constant demons.

People are rarely one perfect package, and while Badr’s ferocity and charisma in the ring are unmatched, its obvious that outside the ring he can’t keep those emotions or feelings in check.

As a result, he has let down himself, K1, his fans who love him so much, and even others like Mike Passenier and Naazim Richardson.

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  1. MM says:

    There is only one question : He said, he will go to USA – that he got another gooooood trainer for heavy weight. Why didnt he go on – and train then for heavy-weight boxing ???

  2. youssef says:

    Ferhat Yondem, the man who was charged with kickboxer Badr Hari businessman Koen Everink during the dance Sensation to have abused, is released. Badr Hari is now the only suspect who is kept in prison:

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