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What Is On Badr Hari’s Back?

Badr Hari has what he has called “the werewolf patch” on his back. In fact, what he does have is a genetic skin trait called Becker’s nevus, which is considered a birthmark. Nevus is a medical term for either a pigmented lesion (such as a mole), or for a birthmark. A Becker’s nevus is usually seen in men on the upper back or chest. It is a tan to brown flat patch and studded with dark hairs. Though considered a birthmark, it commonly appears during puberty, probably as a response to increasing levels of testosterone (male hormone). It is benign (not cancerous), and is rarely seen in women. Lasers may decrease the pigmentation, and electrolysis can be used to treat the hairs. Most men with this birthmark are comfortable with its presence and do not desire treatment.

Another famous actor, Richard Gere, has the same birthmark, which can be seen in some of his movie love-scenes.

I am always surprised at how big of a deal people who comment on Badr Hari videos and photos make about Badr’s back. It’s like they have never seen a birthmark before. More people than not have some sort of distinguishing mark or marks on their body and it is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

To me, personally, it increases Badr Hari’s individuality and helps make him unique.

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  1. Asmae says:

    in Morocco it’s called ‘touhima’ and this is very normal, each of us can have it. Badr Hari doesen’t need a tattoo to show off !! All my respect Badr !

  2. Asmae says:

    WELCOME !! i love this website !

  3. Abell says:

    Taouhima comes on the child when is born and usually when the pregnant Mom first months love something for food and she can’t find it in the market and the child will get a birthmark, I have a small birthmark on my foot and it look like a liver and my Mom told me that she was loving eating calf liver when she was pregnant that ‘s why I got that liver shape birthmark on my foot. I don’t know if it is any connection but that’s what our parents told us.

    • Belectro says:

      lol, i guess there is no connection , it’s called the werewolf patch
      : genetic skin trait called Becker’s nevus

  4. Asmae says:

    yes it’s normal , i think you are moroccan !!?

  5. giorgos says:

    I always thought that this was a tattoo and I wanted to hit sth like that on my back.either you are like or not..lucky badr hari.

  6. reda says:

    is a Muslim and Islam the tattoo is a sin

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