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Anderson Braddock Silva VS Badr Hari, Who The Frick is Anderson Silva?

First, let me say that I”m glad that Mirko Cro Cop isn’t fighting Badr Hari, because that fight could only end in an ugly knockout loss for Mirko. Thankfully, that fight hasn’t been made, but a new one versus Anderson Braddock Silva has been made. And, no, this is a different Anderson Silva than the one who currently dominates the UFC middleweight division.

I honestly have no idea who this guy is, and when I first saw the name I idiotically became excited, because I thought that Anderson “Spider” Silva had suddenly, magically signed with K1, haha.

Well Anderson Braddock Silva is a Brazilian who seems like a good, but not great kickboxer. He knocked out Stefan Leko (who hasn’t?) and he lost twice to Mourad Bouzidi. Bouzidi, if you remember, lost brutally via knockout to Badr Hari.

Silva seems to have a soft body and a decent headkick, but obviously he will be an easy win for Badr Hari, who will no doubt advance on May 27th when they fight.

Below is a video of Anderson Silva looking good against sub-par competition. On a side-note Badr Hari claims that he will continue pursuing his boxing career. I’m not so sure about that. I will write another post about my thoughts on that within the next couple of days. For now, enjoy the video! One of the commentators sounds like a leprechaun when he gets excited!

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  1. Badboy says:

    Hi, perhaps you know or don’t know that anderson silva is being trained by the same trainer of Gerges: Tom Harinck. The trainer that Badr Hari hates so much. The fight against Gerges Badr said in an interview that he was not fighting Gerges but Harinck and that is why he flipped out in and outside the ring… The question is now… will Badr loose it again because of Harinck or will he stay focused like against Saki?

    • admin says:

      hi Badboy, I didn’t know that at all. i think i’ll probably write a post about that, interesting backstory. do you know why badr hates tom harinck so much? i never really knew what happened behind the scenes, any idea?

  2. moaudi says:

    Also Admin, i think you make again a quit fundemental mistake by comparing fighter by winns. IT’S NOT a linear model like in mathematics that you can say that if A is stonger by winning from B, and C is by losing weaker than B, than A is also stronger than C and will winn. A fight is a fight, so evrything can happen. If badr is not “himself” anymore at the fight or like ‘Badboy’ said if badr cannot cotrol mentally himself anymore than it’s hardly to predict anything! Do you know what I try to say ?

    Kind Regards!

    • admin says:

      Hello, yes, you make some very good points about not using linear mathematics. I didn’t realize that Silva was also trained by Harinck, which makes this match a lot more interesting in my eyes. I still don’t think that Silva has a chance, but you’re right, anything can happen, especially with a fighter as emotional as Badr hari.

  3. moaudi says:

    I think Tom Harinck himself does’nt even know why badr hari hates him or why he even stopped training with him and went to Mikes gym, it’s all a mistery that Tom still do not understand. Badr hari talked about it once in that documentary about his long time off, he said it was a surprise for Tom, but not for himself. It seems to be very personal and he doesn’t like to share aything about their relation the in media. Very sportive on the other hand of course.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the info, so the mystery remains… Badr has been very loyal to mike passenier, so it makes you wonder…

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