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Badr Hari’s Girlfriend Chantal Oornink

Here are some photos of Badr Hari’s longtime girlfriend, a lovely Dutch lady named Chantal Oornink. She is not Moroccan, but reportedly half-Indian. Her and Badr have dated for many years, although he claimed in a recent interview that he is now single and focused on fighting. She is much older than him at around forty years old and has a son. She is also independently wealthy.

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  1. Ikram says:

    I’m just in Love with this website!! There’s everything About my hero ! I Heard he has a girl friend but wasn’t sure .. (half indian) hummmmmm! So now she’s his EX girl-friend ? I’m sorry I know I’m bothering you

    • admin says:

      Thank you for commenting! I don’t think Badr and Chantal are still together, but there were definitely a couple for many years. She is wealthy from a previous relationship, and by all accounts is known as a nice lady. Hope that helps!

  2. Ikram says:

    Thank You ! It helps ;D

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