Three Things Badr Hari Needs To Do After Defeating Alexey Ignashov

Badr Hari just beat Alexey Ignashov. This was a given, since Alexey Ignashov is only a shadow of the former heavyweight who once knocked out Semmy Schilt. But now that he’s back in the win column, he still has that pesky problem of a looming trial where he has been charged with assault and permanently disabling a man. Badr Hari needs to do these three things to get back on track to being the greatest heavyweight kickboxer.

One: Resolve His Legal Problems Once And For All
If Badr Hari is able to resolve this upcoming trial, he should make extra sure to stay out of anymore legal problems. Despite seeming to mature over the years, he has repeatedly disappointed his fans by derailing any career momentum he’s attained by getting in deep trouble with the law.

Two: Break Up With Estelle Gullit
This isn’t an indictment on Estelle Gullit, but the disastrous turns his career has taken since taking up with her. Once a gloried kickboxer who proudly represented his native country of Morocco, he now has become a tawdry tabloid staple. His in-ring performances have become dismal, and he has seemed to have lost all focus on training properly for a very demanding and dangerous career.

Three: Sign With GLORY
GLORY is pretty much the only relevant kickboxing organization around. K1 is in the middle of a massive restructuring, and GLORY has been pumping out card after card filled with exciting fights and top-level kickboxers. If Badr Hari is able to re-focus himself, he needs to join GLORY if he ever wants to re-establish himself as the greatest current heavyweight kickboxer. Even his haters, will admit that Badr Hari is a very naturally talented kickboxer.


In Depth Recent Badr Hari Video Interview, Says Alexey Ignashov Is Not A Challenge

Despite Badr Hari’s poor performances of late, he obviously still thinks very highly himself in this recent interview from Russia. He’s promoting his fight with Alexey Ignashov in November, but doesn’t consider Alexey a threat at all. And despite recently losing to Zabit Samedov doesn’t want to rematch him, because he knows he could knock out Zabit Samedov any time he wants, because Samedov got lucky and knows he got lucky.

Overall, though, it’s a really good interview, and interesting to hear from Badr Hari himself after he has been surrounded by so many rumors and conjecture. Badr Hari also says that Alistair Overeem is always welcome at his gym. Badr also says that he’s no longer interested in boxing, and will stay with kickboxing.

Badr Hari Reportedly Airs Some Dirty Laundry In His Biography

Badr Hari is reportedly writing his biography. Or has written his biography, I’m not sure. Either way, he is said to be writing his book about his colorful life, and it’s sure to be fascinating. As Badr has mentioned in interviews, even though he’s not even thirty yet he’s lived many lifetimes. Thanks to a reader for giving some short synopsis from the biography. I’m not sure if these are verified, but they’re entertaining just the same.

-People from the underworld offered Antoni Hardonk 25k to break one of Hari’s limps in a kickboxing match

-One day Hari saw Mike Tyson in a famous sex club Hari was a regular at and he wanted to knock Tyson out to increase his street cred thinking Tyson was drunk and out of shape. When he walked up to Tyson and saw how big he was and that he wasn’t drunk, he backed down.

-After one of his first fights he wanted to make out with the wife of the opponent’s trainer (Confirmed by Harrinck, his own trainer at the time)

Did Badr Hari Announce His Retirement On Facebook?

Recently, there have been rumors going around the internet on fighting forums that Badr Hari announced his retirement in November after his fight with Alexey Ignashov. I took a look a the thread and the link to the facebook page and concluded that the page that Badr Hari announced his retirement was fake.

However, where there’s smoke there’s fire. And as the case with the initial onslaught of Estelle Gullit rumors, I wouldn’t be surprised if Badr Hari did indeed retire soon. He looks only like a shadow of his former self. The link to the thread on Sherdog is below.

Badr Hari Set To Fight Alexey Ignashov November 9th

Badr Hari is set to make his ring return November 9th. Although I’m glad to hear he’s fighting again, it’s sort of surprising considering how much drama he has going on in his life. His case for assault is still pending. He undoubtedly has a tumultuous relationship with Estelle Gullit, and even reportedly got into an altercation with Dutch DJ Afrojack.

His opponent, Alexey Ignashov, is also intriguing. Ignashov may be considered one of the most talented underachievers in kickboxing history. Him and Badr Hari have a long history together. Ignashov soundly beat Hari when Hari was just getting into kickboxing and Ignashov was considered one of the best. In the rematch Hari dominated the babyfaced Belarussian, but was unable to knock him out.

Since then Badr Hari has gone on to achieve kickboxing greatness, and Alexey Ignashov has succumbed to his alcohol addiction, and been unable to put together great performances despite his natural talent.

But they both also have achieved one of the rarest achievements in kickboxing: knocking out Semmy Schilt, perhaps the greatest heavyweight kickboxer of all time.

Both fighters have greatly been struggling. Realistically, this fight should be a soft touch for Badr Hari, which is probably why it was booked. Even after losing to Zabit Samedov, Hari should be able to outwork Ignashov. If Hari does lose, his future as a top-level kickboxer doesn’t look too bright for him.

Badr Hari Denies Breakup With Estelle Gullit

Despite recent reports that Estelle Gullit had broken up with Badr Hari, both have denied that there was any breakup between the two. The false reports of the breakup were spawned by false tweets by business man Erik de Vlieger. Personally, when I first heard of the reports I doubted they were true.

And even if they were true, I believed it would be just one of many breakups between Badr Hari and Estelle before they split for good. Obviously, their relationship is very tumultuous and will be on and off for a while, with Badr’s legal troubles and Estelle’s divorce from Ruud Gullit.

Estelle seems like Badr Hari’s most serious relationship since Chantal Oornink. Even though Badr has a daughter with model Daphne Romani, they dated briefly and he didn’t seem very serious about her.


Did Badr Hari Throw His Fight Against Zabit Samedov?

Badr Hari crushed the hopes and dreams of many fans hoping he would make a spectacular comeback with his loss against Zabit Samedov. Not only did Badr Hari lose, he lost in a way that he’s never lost before, looking like he gave up. This is more disappointing than the loss itself. Badr Hari has lost before, but the reason the fans love him is his never say die attitude. He has always fought until the end, even if it means getting knocked out.

But in this fight, he appears that he had given up at the end, falling before a smaller foe that he had easily beaten before. This caused many fans to wonder if he had thrown the fight. While anything is possible, I personally don’t think so. What would Badr Hari gain by such an embarrassing defeat? What money would be worth destroying the legacy that he has worked so hard for so many years to build.

Instead, I believe, that sometimes a fighter doesn’t know what is left in them until they step in the ring. In this case, Zabit Samedov was hungry for victory, while Badr Hari simply was going through the motions. He was not fighting to win, he was fighting because he doesn’t know anything else.

So I don’t believe that Badr Hari threw the fight, but I do believe that his future in fighting is in great doubt. If he no longer has the heart to fight, he will be only a shadow of the Golden Boy that captured hearts all around the world, and made Morocco so proud.

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